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Today’s healthcare providers are faced with growing challenges that define their needs. mediU can offer solutions to operate effectively in a competitive field. We offer quality surgical supplies items to help you provide excellent patient care.

We manufacture and supply an array of surgical equipment and instruments. Surgical products are generally sterile, meaning; free of any bacteria or any other living microorganisms. 

Components of Surgical supplies

Surgical supplies such as surgical gowns, surgeons cap and surgical gloves prevents contact from any infectious body fluids and bacterias. Our sterilized supplies and equipments are made of the highest quality materials to insure and provide excellent patient care and help the healthcare workers stay safe & confident in Surgical Operating Rooms.

Few of the surgical supplies we offer are listed below:

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Medical Evacuator

  • Sterile 400cc PVC Evacuator Kits,
  • Perforated Round PVC Wound Drain Kit with Trocar, 400 cc Evacuator Y Connector
  • 7 Fr, 3/32″ Mid-Perforated Drain
  • 19 Fr, 1/4″ End-Perforated Drain
  • 10 Fr, 1/18″ Mid-Perforated Drain

Sterilization Wraps

  • Sterlization wraps for Surgical Instruments.
  • Material: SMS fabric.
  • Strong and tear resistant, High-level protection against fluids and particles
  • Sizes: 24×24 inch, 30x30inch, 36×36 inch, 45×45 inch, 54×54 inch.

Surgical Gowns

  • Sterile,
  • Sterile wrap & Towels Included
  • Level I, II, III, IV
  • SMS material
  • White knitted cuffs, Reinforced front and sleeves, ultrasonic stitching.

Surgical Nitrile Gloves

  • Sterile.
  • Nitrile material, Blue color.
  • Powder Free.
  • Full Textured.
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.

Surgeons Cap

  • Disposable Sheer-Guard Tie-Back Surgeons Cap
  • Scrim material, Blue color
  • Light single-layer crown material.
  • Breathable and low-linting
  • One size fits all.

Surgical Masks

  • Rectangular Shaped Surgical Face Masks.
  • 3 layer fabric or polupropylene fiber.
  • Intended to be worn by medical personnel during surgical procedures.
  • Protects against splashes, splatters of blood or body fluid.
  • Prevents contamination of the patients surgical wounds.

Surgeons Hood

  • Disposable, SMS material Surgeons Hood.
  • Under-chin Tie.
  • Blue color.
  • Latex Free.
  • One size fits all.

Sterile Surgical Operating Room Towels

  • Material: 100% cotton, Pre-washed or Non-washed.
  • Color: Blue, White, Green.
  • Sterilization type: Pre-sterile, Sterile by steam or gamma, Non-sterile.
  • Size: 43x66cm (Custom sizing is also offered.)


Surgical Trays

  • Sterile Dressing Change Trays.
  • Sterile Vaginal Prep E-Z Scrub Trays.
  • Sterile Catheterization Trays.
  • Sterile Tracheostomy Trays.
  • Sterile Irrigation Trays.